WOD: 10-14-12

USA wins at CrossFit.  Losses at celebrating.


Team WOD: For time: 4000M Row

First 1000M other partner must hold top of Deadlift with (185/125)
Second 1000M other partner must be in bottom of Squat
Third 1000M other partner must be in must hold elevated Push Up hold (20/20)
Last 1000M other partner must hold Front Rack position (135/95)

As the meters move, the exercise that the non-rowing partner does will change.  The elevated Push Up hold means that your feet are on a box and that box is 20 inches in height for the men and women.


I want you to know that there is an inverse relationship with you enjoying your workouts/thinking they are easy and my happiness.  The more you enjoy them/think they are easy, the angrier I go to bed.  The harder and less fulfillment you get, the sweeter my dreams.  Lucky for you, I will not only have a wonderful day knowing what is in store for you, but I will rest easy knowing how you feel about what you read just now.  If you are thinking negative or donkey-pit related thoughts about me, please note that it makes me feel like I just found 20 dollars on the ground.  20 of your dollars.  The best part of it all is that you know this is only going to make you harder to kill…so ultimately,

You are welcome,




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